At DigitalVIDA we won't send you a bunch of CVs. We'll send you people. People we know with the skills, talent and experience that you want. So you can get your digital roles filled faster, and your jobs done better.


Digital agencies

Specialising in digital recruitment we are well connected with both traditional and pure digital agencies across the the full spectrum of roles from creative talent to technical experts. Our immersion in the sector means we are best placed to find the digital talent to fit your organisation.

Digital placement is about working closely with you to understand your skill needs and digital culture and seeking out the best talent in the market and selling the benefits of working with your company. We are hands on through the recruitment process so will only put forward candidates that meet your businesses needs and are excited about the opportunity  to work with you. This attention to detail and focus on your business develops a long term partnership where we can source the right candidates to fuel your business’s digital growth. 


The publishing industry continues to evolve at a fast pace. At DigitalVIDA, we have the talent and experience to help you build teams that will thrive in this dynamic environment..

As publishing business models change, so do the skill sets needed. Companies need to skill up and keep pace with the changes in the market, having the foresight to have the right skills in place, often ahead of the competition. We work closely with clients to understand the technical/creative skills and experience that are required, as well as what constitutes a good cultural fit for your organisation. Doing the bulk of the work upfront, writing a clear and concise job spec and understanding your company's culture, reduces the time you'll have to spend interviewing candidates.


Our network of talent has many years of expertise within the retail sector and we have worked for a number of the top retailers.

As we only work on digital recruitment, we are 100% focused on the sector and have an exceptional network of mid-level/senior candidates across all disciplines. We understand the importance of finding candidates who have both the technical/creative skills and a good cultural fit for your organisation. Our best results are achieved when we work very closely with organisations in order to understand what is important to you. This ensures that you have candidates who want to work for you and helps increase your retention rates.

Whether you're a client or a candidate, we offer and exceptional level of service.

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